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Joy Toy 1:18 Scale Freeman Machine Armor Revealed

It looks like our friends at Joy Toy have no plans on slowing down their releases any time soon, as more information on upcoming 1:18 scale offerings has been revealed!

This time around, our TelEd-Viper in the field, Ed Hellman, has shared word on a new 1:18 mech coming our way via the Dark Source line, a new Freeman Machine Armor Mech! Check it out –

Although very similar to the Freeman Machine Armor Mechs I shared word on back in February, this new release features an all new, highly detailed paint scheme and new pilot.

Product Features
10.60 inches (27cm) mecha
3.90 inches (10cm) pilot
Made of plastic
Highly articulated
Removable armor pieces
Pilot figure fits inside cockpit
Some assembly required, will need glue

Box Contents
Freeman Machine Armor mecha
Large rifle
Pilot figure

So head on over to your preferred e-tailer and get your preorder in for this awesome new 1:18 scale Mech!



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