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Eagle Force Returns Manufacturing and Playset Update

Word has come in from Fresh Monkey Fiction regarding their highly anticipated Eagle Force Returns action figure line! Here’s the scoop:

On the manufacturing front, Bill notes that there’s not much new to report. The manufacturing factory is still trying to produce the remaining pieces to get to the finishing factory. They are 90% done but still moving very slowly. FMF got this image this week of the retooled vests and a Riot Trooper test shot. Check it out –

Bill and Fresh Monkey Fiction are trying to get them to move faster, but they are moving at their own pace. They’ve spoken to their new factory about moving the project with the existing pieces but they feel it’s too much of a logistical challenge to take it on. So they recommend that FMF continue to work with the current factory to get the project complete. Bill has been told that he’ll have an update next week, so we’ll have more info as soon as it’s available.

In related news, D&J Toys has finalized the Eagle Force Playsets, so they are prepping those for shipping. Check it out –


So if you ordered a Playset, Glider or Com Station , you’ll be getting an email from Backerkit this week to finalize your address so that FMF start shipping these items to you. If you don’t get the email and your address has changed please email us at freshmonkeyfiction@gmail.com.

I ordered an Eagle Island Playset and all extras, so I’ll be sure to bring you pics once the piece finally arrives! It’s so exciting to think that we’re almost at the finish line! Are you excited about this latest bit of Eagle Force news? I know I am!

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