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TeccoToys Age of Mecha Construction Mech Revealed

This past Sunday, the folks from TeccoToys shared images of the oh-so-awesome Construction Mech on their Facebook Page. Check it out –

Construction Mech (early work in progress)
We continue working on the quoting process and towards the kickstarter launch. We’re going to commission the factory to create 3D prints next week to thus better determine the exact amount of injection molding tools needed, for a more precise quote.
The whole process is taking more time as anticipated, but it will happen, so please bear with us 🙂 
News on the progress will be posted as soon as available.
Thanks for your patience 🙏🙏

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There you have it, folks! It won’t be long before this campaign launches! I can’t wait to see what TeccoToys cooks up!


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