SDCC 2019 has come and gone and once again, our friends from the Acid Rain World have shown up in force! The Acid Rain display had all sorts of awesomeness to show, from Skronex, Toys Alliance and of course Beaver ltd.!

Not only did we get to see items available in both scales (1:18 and 1:28), but we were also treated to new and previously released items as well.

On the 1:18 side of things, we were treated to samples from the FAV (figure and vehicle) assortment by Toys Alliance that is surely going to be a hit with fans (like that FAV-SP03 Stealth Talos ❤ )

On the B2.Five side of things, we got to see awesome painted samples of the Cerberus C2, new Abaddon Troopers, the Beaver (!!!) and a Worker Laurel! There were also prototypes for a new Stronghold and Laurels, which really look all sorts of awesome.

What are your thoughts on the showing from our friends from the Acid Rain World? Anything you can’t wait to add to your collection? For me, all of the B2Five offerings look Stellar! Those 1:18 offerings are tempting me though, that’s for sure!

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