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Paul Allor shares Character Designs for GIJonday on Twitter

Heads up! Mr. Paul Allor has been sharing new characters designs and sneak peeks from the upcoming G.I.Joe title from IDW that’s set to launch in September every #GIJonday and today is no different!

This time around, we get to feast our eyes on another pair of character reveals. First up General Hawk! –

IDW GI Joe General Hawk - Surveillance Port

Happy ! First up, the man, the myth, the guy who’d kick your butt if you called him a legend, General Hawk! The head of , Hawk was enjoying life under his metaphorical vine and fig tree when Cobra’s war pulled him out of retirement. Pre-order GI Joe #1! JUL190704

Next up is Stalker!

IDW GI Joe Stalker - Surveillance Port

Next up for : STALKER, a field agent and trainer of the civilian recruits! Once a gang leader in Detroit, now a decorated Army veteran, Stalker uses skills from both those lives in the fight against Cobra. Pre-order GI Joe #1! JUL190704

This series is giving me a serious Renegades vibe and that’s a good thing! I can’t wait to have issue one in hand!

Will you be adding this title to your pull list?

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