Warlords of Wor Wave 7 Blood Mercenary and Exclusive Blockade Revealed

Just a week ago, ROMA Collectibles shared word of an Ohio Toy and Comic Show Exclusive Captain Cobrus from Warlords of Wor.

It would appear that Captain Cobrus isn’t the only homage to join the Warlords of Wor! Mr. Brandon Michael Barker has also shared word on another Ohio Toy & Comic Show exclusive, along with a homage that will be featured as part of Warlords of Wor wave 7! Check it out –

First up is the Ohio Toy & Comic Show Warlords of Wor Blockade figure!
Ohio Toy and Comic Exclusive Warlords of Wor Blockade - Surveillance Port.jpg

Here’s my next exclusive… Blockade!
Like Captain Cobrus, this will premiere at the Ohio Toy and Comic Show next weekend, July 20, in Fairborn, Ohio! I’ll be selling these at my table in the Pros room, and will make some available online after the show. Be sure to check out ohiotoyandcomicshow.com for more convention info, and stay tuned here for online drop info.

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Next up is a figure that will be included as part of the 7th wave of Warlords of Wor offerings. Feast your eyes on the Blood Mercenary!



Up next is the Blood Mercenary! Available this Friday, July 12 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Stay tuned for more details and reveals!
#warlordsofwor #manormonsterstudios #battletribes #glyos#glyoscompatible #glyossystem #actionfigures #indietoys #yojoe #cobra

Both of these offerings are beyond awesome and are welcome additions to many a collection. Will you be going after Blockade or the Blood Mercenary?

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