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Toy Pizza Shares Final ToyPizzaCon Reveal Before Show

Toy Pizza has revealed another exclusive set to be available at ToyPizzaCon tomorrow, Saturday, July 13th!

The last reveal before the show packs quite the punch – Replacing their previous offering of Gold Bags, Toy Pizza is proud to announce Holo Bags are here!

Each figure may contain resin, test shot, or early production pieces! Check it out –


ToyPizzaCon is going to be all sorts of awesome! Here are the details on the show in case you’ve missed them earlier –

Toy Pizza ToyPizzaCon Banner - Surveillance Port

Toy Pizza Con 2019  
Saturday July 13th 2019
1 Chestnut St. Cold Spring, NY 10516
11AM – 5PM

One Day event featuring Action Figures, Comic Books, and Pizza!

An independent toy convention featuring Knights of the Slice, the Glyos Universe, and special guest stars. Come see new product reveals and bask in amazing exclusives. Also featuring first-to-market items you can buy months before they are released to the public.

Can’t attend the show in person? We’ll be livestreaming and have exclusive items from TPC dropping in our webstore.

9 tables will featuring Vintage action figures, Japanese imports,
artists & illustrators, bins of cheap toys & comics, and FREE PIZZA (while supplies last).

DIRECTIONS: From NYC, Cold Spring is easily accessible via train. Just take the Metro North from Grand Central to Cold Spring station (about 1 hr 15 mins). The venue is a short walk up main street through one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in the whole world.

The Yetee
This Toy Life
Onell Design & Friends
Bit Figs
Spaced Out Designs
Pierre “Airmax” Kalenzaga
Toy Galaxy
Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries
The MarkUltra
Chibiriot Creations
Natali Koromoto
Josh Gara
Siva-Jack Sernvongsat

For those that get to attend, I hope you have a great time! For those that are on the home front, don’t forget that we’ll be able to order exclusives direct from the show after 11am EST!

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