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Marauder Task Force Wrath Character Build – Gabrielle Coleman

Wrath, now available in the Marauder Inc store, features new characters using MTF parts. Bill Nedrow, the author of Wrath, noted that folks online and at JoeFest were noting how absolutely awesome the character builds for the novel were. Since these are all new characters, Bill was kind enough to share character builds so that you can make your own figures from Wrath!

Check out the character build for Gabrielle Coleman, the team’s Intelligence Officer!

Gabrielle Coleman

Female Head: “Reagan” Dark Skin Tone with Sunglasses, Black Hair & Low Bun Product Code: MTF-V9670

MTF Female Valkyries T-Shirt Torso ONLY (NO WAIST/LEGS): TAN & GREEN Version with DARK Skin Tone Product Code: MTF-J3140

Female Legs WITH Waist: GREEN with BROWN Legs – Right AND Left Legs WITH Waist Product Code: MTF-K2790W

Female Vest: Armor Type Green Version Product Code: MTF-C5170 (NOTE: You will have to trim the armor above the abdomen to affect the look that MJ achieved with this figure).

Radio Walkie Talkie: TAN Version Product Code: MTF-T2350

C4 Detonator with Antenna: TAN Version Product Code: MTF-T2510

Web Belt: BROWN Version Product Code: MTF-K2200

Pouch & Pocket Deluxe Modular Set: BROWN Version (x4) Product Code: MTF-N1022

Knuckle Knife with Sheath: Small Size TAN Version Product Code: MTF-T2460

Pistol Holster: Large Right Handed with Loop BROWN Version Product Code: MTF-N1090

SOPMOD Sniper Rifle with Scope, Bipod & Ammo Mag TAN & BLACK Version BASIC Product Code: 800005-T (I could be wrong about this one. MJ’s weapons are customizable to such a degree that I may be off. If anyone disagrees or has a better option, please post here.)

BRAVO Automatic Pistol BLACK Version Product Code: 800003

Smartpad / Computer Tablet: GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-C5530

MGR Novel- Marauder Task Force: WRATH Softcover Book Product Code: MTF-NOVEL-001

As always, please check my math to make sure that the colors match or fit your aesthetic sensibilities. Tan and brown look quite a bit alike to me on the website, so I want to be sure I didn’t confuse one or the other.

As with other recently revealed builds, will you be adding this one to your MTF collection?

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