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Painted Prototype of Down Range from ValaVerse Action Force Revealed

The wait is over! Bobby Vala of ValaVerse  \has given us our first look at Down Range from Action Force! Check’em out –

Code Name: Down Range
File Name: Greg R. Seems
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Skills: Reconnaissance

DOWN RANGE appreciates the structure and accountability of a military life. He enlisted directly after graduating high school and quickly became a standout during his Army Ranger training. From Basic Training to Advanced Individual Training through Army Airborne School, the Ranger Indoctrination Program, and Ranger School DOWN RANGE quickly earned a reputation as a hard-nosed, focused soldier intent on accomplishing his missions. When the United States splintered, DOWN RANGE was one of the first soldiers chosen for Action Force. His no-nonsense approach and laser focus makes him a prime choice to lead a squad or an operation.

Observation: “He gets respect even from the guys who don’t like him. He doesn’t say much, never talks about himself, and shows zero interest in anything not mission-related. Most people think he’s a jerk, or too self-absorbed to waste time on being nice. The truth is he shoulders total responsibility for bringing his entire squad back alive, and that’s enough weight to keep him busy 24/7.”

He looks awesome all geared up, doesn’t he? If you’d like to add him to your collection, then make sure to head over to the ValaVerse Action Force Kickstarter Campaign!

The campaign is currently at 42% of its initial funding goal with 5 days left to go. With your help, we can get this awesome project funded and move on to stretch goals!

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