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Toys Alliance Acid Rain World Sand Themed Offerings Delayed

Heads up! Toys Alliance has shared word that their Acid Rain World sand themed offerings have been delayed. Originally set for release this month, the following items have been pushed back to September –

Toy Alliance Acid Rain Delay Notice - Surveillance Port

  • Acid Rain FAV-A04 Sand Bunker Set
  • Acid Rain FAV-A05 Sand Tactical Engineer
  • Acid Rain FAV-A06 Sand Armored Trailer Set

Here’s the scoop from TA:

We regret to inform you that releasing the product during July will not be possible!

However the product is in the last stages of production and we are using the highest QC standard to evaluate this product! The current date is late September, thank you for your patience and we really appreciate all the support!

I know many will agree that we’ll take quality over speed any day! Will you be adding any of these new 1:18 scale offerings to your Acid rain World collection once released?

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