Pre Orders for select Hell Screamerz offerings Now Open

Last weekend I shared word that Sunok Studios would be dropping a pre order for select Hell Screamerz offerings. Well friends, that time is now! The Sunok Studios storefront is now open and accepting pre-orders for select Hell Screamerz figures!

The Pre-Order window will be open for two weeks and includes the oh-so-awesome Retro Screamerz 2 and 5 packs that are a homage to the Air Raiders line!

Included in the Pre-Order are:


  • Divine Hammer Lee – Carded
  • Divine Hammer Patch – Carded
  • Divine Hammer Pilot – Carded
  • Divine Hammer Infantry – Carded
  • Divine Hammer Lt. Garber – Carded
  • Divine Hammer Spectral Hammer Exclusive – Carded
  • Hell Screamerz General Harkn – Carded
  • Hell Screamerz Lt. Thragon – Carded
  • Hell Screamerz Void Pilotz – Carded
  • Hell Screamerz Void Trooperz- Carded
  • Hell Screamerz Hell Reaperz – Carded
  • Hell Screamerz Silent Ghost Reaperz – Carded
  • Divine Hammer Vet. Sgt. Luther Backerkit Exclusive – Carded
  • Draco Pattern Orion 6 Pack Box Set Pre-Order
  • The Gate Keeperz 6 Pack Box Set Pre-Order
  • Celestial Guard 6 Pack Box Set Pre-Order
  • Retro Screamerz 2 Pack Pre-Order
  • Retro Screamerz 5 Pack “Heroes” Pre-Order
  • Retro Screamerz 5 Pack “Villains” Pre-Order

Please note: Items such as the 6 packs, 5 pack retros 2 pack retro, Stealth (both blue/purple) and Luther will not be available in store front once it re opens; This will be the only and last opportunity to get these items.

You can get your pre orders in here: Hell Screamerz Pre-Order

Will you be pre-ordering any more Hell Screamerz figures to add to your collection?

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