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Marauder Task Force Wrath Character Build – Peregrine

I get to share not one, but TWO builds from Marauder Task Force: Wrath with you today!

Bill has just shared the build for Peregrine, the MTF Pilot! In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a fantastic new novel by Bill Nedrow focused on the Marauder Task Force offerings from Marauder Inc.

Wrath, now available in the Marauder Inc store, features new characters using MTF parts. Bill noted that folks online and at JoeFest were noting how absolutely awesome the character builds for the novel were. Since these are all new characters, Bill was kind enough to share character builds so that you can make your own figures from Wrath!

So without further delay, let’s check out Peregrine!

It’s time for another Marauder Task Force recipe: Peregrine. Check out what makes MTF’s pilot such a memorable character in Marauder Task Force: Wrath before they all sell out. You know you got paid today, so what are you waiting for?

MGR Novel- Marauder Task Force: WRATH Softcover Book Product Code: MTF-NOVEL-001

Headgear: WHITE Flight Helmet Product Code: MTF-W7220

Headgear: Visor for Flight Helmet: YELLOW Product Code: MTF-T2230

Marauder Task Force Military Branches & Law Enforcement Product Code: MTF-ST-265

Female Head: “Athena” Light Skin Tone with Blonde French Braid Product Code: MTF-V9110

Headgear: Standard Neck Scarf OLIVE GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-A7060

Female Vest: Utility Type Brown & Green Version Product Code: MTF-K2180

Pouch & Pocket Deluxe Modular Set: OLIVE GREEN Version (x2) Product Code: MTF-A7022

Pistol Holster: Small Right Handed OLIVE GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-A7095

Radio Walkie Talkie: LIGHT GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-P1350

MTF Female Valkyries Body WITHOUT Head LIGHT GREEN with GREEN “Flight-Ops” Version BASIC Product Code: MTF-P1100

SWAT Machine Gun with Accessories BLACK Version DELUXE Product Code: 710034

DELTA Automatic Pistol BLACK Version Product Code: 800002

Headgear: Helmet Microphone “Mic” GRAY Version Product Code: MTF-G4240

Disclaimer: Please check to make sure that all of the colors match the way that you want them to. I think it got al of the greens right, but I can’t be 100% sure.

Will you be building Peregrine and adding her to your collection?

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