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Event Exclusive Toynami x Acid Rain x Toys Alliance Stealth Talos HR15e Revealed

Toynami has revealed a new Event Exclusive offering coming our way at SDCC 2019!

The Acid Rain Stealth Talos HR15e Convention Exclusive is making its first debt at SDCC 2019! Available at San Diego Comic Con this July 18th – 21st at the Toynami booth (Booth 3229) this awesome new Acid Rain x Toys Alliance offering is limited to 1,000 units worldwide and is a Must have for ANY Acid Rain World collection!

The Talos is a robotic unit created by combining the core components from the imported NAUS “Camelbot” and Laurel Inc’s bipedal system. It features a 3D vision system and multiple sensors, with the ability to dodge moving obstacles and even operate combat vehicles. The model is deployed for dangerous missions in heavily polluted areas.

The first batch of Talos units was assigned to the 15th Stealth Team to engage in nocturnal/nighttime infiltration, surveillance, search missions, and precision strikes. Talos can swiftly secure targets for precision strikes, or alternatively pass frontline information back to base to coordinate large-caliber artillery attacks or drone strikes. Although their performance is limited to a very specific type of mission and have limited versatility under complex conditions, they alleviate the workload of human soldiers and reduce casualties­­.

This awesome new 1:18 scale Acid Rain offering is sure to sell out quickly, so make sure to hit the Toynami Booth at SDCC 2019 to grab yours before they’re gone!

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