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Surveillance Port Book Review – Larry Hama Conversations

Larry Hama Conversations - Surveillance Port

Not too long ago, my good friend and Author Extraordinaire, Mr. Christopher Irving, reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in reviewing an upcoming book that he worked on.

If you’re not familiar with Chris’ work, he’s the mastermind behind all of the Eagle Force Pulp books and trading card sets that we’ve received. Being a mega-fan of Chris’ work, there was no way I’d turn down the opportunity.

When we first discussed the title, I had to keep it under wraps, but it was a title that would undoubtedly appeal to many, as it was based on a gentleman that many call the Godfather of G.I.Joe, Mr. Larry Hama.

In Larry Hama: Conversations (which was edited by Chris), the reader gets a very intimate setting which is rare in books nowadays. This “sit down” with Mr. Hama makes you feel as though you were in the room with friends, just picking Mr. Hama’s brain.

The list of those that contributed to this title include:

  • Dwight Jon Zimmerman and Jim Sclicrup
  • Christopher Irving
  • Jon B. Cooke
  • Bill Mitchel
  • Ian Fischer
  • Jeff Yang and Gabriel Rosenstein
  • Steve Morris
  • John Jay College

This title, for me at least, is a definitive look in to the  and work of Larry Hama. This book touches on everything from Larry’s life in New York City to his work on several fan favorite titles, from Nth Man to Wolverine to G.I.Joe (of course).

The book doesn’t just touch on these topics, but others such as Larry’s service in Vietnam, his work on pop culture classics such as Bucky O’Hare and even his aspiration to be a fashion designer.

I thought I knew a lot about Mr. Hama before, but truth is, the knowledge I had on this gentleman only scraped the service. I’d highly recommend Larry Hama: Conversations to anyone and everyone, as it’s a must have title for your bookshelf. I’ve just completed my first “run through” of the book, but I can see that I’ll most definitely be revisiting the title once I have some time off this coming weekend.

To Chris – My friend, thank you so much for the opportunity to review this book. I’m honored, humbled and beyond proud of what you and others have done with this piece. It truly is a title that I will cherish for a long time to come.

Make sure to grab your copy from either the University of Mississippi itself or through Amazon!




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