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Marauder Task Force Wrath Character Build – Payday

Heads up! In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a fantastic new novel by Bill Nedrow focused on the Marauder Task Force offerings from Marauder Inc.

Wrath, now available in the Marauder Inc store, features new characters using MTF parts. Bill noted that folks online and at JoeFest were noting how absolutely awesome the character builds for the novel were. Since these are all new characters, Bill was kind enough to share character builds so that you can make your own figures from Wrath!

Below is the character build for Payday. Remember to pick up Marauder Task Force: Wrath to learn more about Owen Reid and his team. I’ll be back in a few days to add the recipe for the next member of Marauder Task Force.

  • Male Head: “Ranger” Light Skin Tone with WHITE BEARD Product Code: MTF-H9450
  • MTF Male Body WITHOUT Head – TAN SHIRT & BLACK PANTS “Contract-Ops” Light Skin Version Product Code: MTF-CO-TB005
  • Headgear: Baseball Cap TAN Version Product Code: MTF-T2260
  • Male Vest: Utility Type GREEN & Black Version Product Code: MTF-C6065
  • Ammo Pouch: 5 Pocket Magazine Pouch GREEN & Black Version Product Code: MTF-C6080
  • Pouch & Pocket Deluxe Modular Set: OLIVE GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-A7022
  • MTF K9 Dog Unit: GREEN Large Vest Pouch (x2) Product Code: MTF-KN190
  • Radio Walkie Talkie: GRAY Version Product Code: MTF-G4350
  • Belt with Drop Down Leg Holster: BLACK Version Product Code: MTF-B4075
  • Ammo Pouch: Double Magazine OLIVE GREEN Version (I think) Product Code: MTF-A7110
  • Canteen with Cover GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-C6070
  • Marauder Task Force “Skull with Knife” MTF Insigina Die-Cut Sticker Sheet Product Code: MTF-ST-020
  • Kukri Knife & Sheath: GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-C6045
  • Tactical Axe “Tomahawk” & Sheath: GREEN Version Product Code: MTF-C6050

You’ll also want to remember a primary weapon and sidearm.

What are your thoughts on Payday? Is this a build that you’d like to add to your collection?

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