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MGR Novel – Marauder Task Force: WRATH Now Available Online

Heads up! The Marauder Gun Runners Novel, Marauder Task Force: WRATH by Bill Nedrow is now available online through the MGR store!

This novel was released in a special hard cover version exclusive to JoeFest Toy & Comic Show held this past weekend. A soft cover version is now available to the masses, so make sure to get your copy before they’re gone!

Marauder Task Force Wrath 02 - Surveillance Port

Marauder Task Force: WRATH! The first MTF novel that reveals the “Marauder Task Force” world and introduces their arch nemesis….WRATH! Thrilling story line, new characters, exciting battle situations and numerous enemies. Learn about the history of Marauder Task Force and get a glimpse of the future. Written by Bill Nedrow. Softcover. 

You can get your copy here: MGR Novel- Marauder Task Force: WRATH Softcover Book

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