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B2Five Wave 4SP Stealth Laurel LA3e Revealed

Heads up! My friends from Beaver have shared word on an exciting new exclusive coming our way from the Acid Rain World! Coming our way via Conventions and as an Online Exclusive is the B2Five Wave 4SP Stealth Laurel LA3e! Check it out –

-=[15th Stealth Team]=-
The 15th Stealth Team is an all-environment (sea, air and land) special operations unit deployed frequently in nocturnal operations. Rather than aiming to annihilate the enemy, they are primarily tasked with strategic goals, such as reconnaissance, assault, ambush, and rescue missions.

They often collaborate with the Bucks Team, the 101st Airborne Force, and the 303th Marine Corps. 

This is one exclusive that I’m surely going to do my best to get my hands on! What about you? Interested in this stealth version of the Moose Laurel? Or will you be skipping it altogether?

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