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Michael Mercy’s 360 Swag Review: G.I. Joe Scarlett

Michael Mercy is back with an all new 360 Swag Review! This time around, we get to join him as he checks out the original Femme Fatale from the G.I.Joe Team, the Counter Intelligence Officer, Scarlett!

Check it out –

Since I’m sure you love Michael’s reviews just us much as I do, you should consider heading over to Michael Mercy’s Patreon page! This is the go-to location if you want to support the channel, as well as receive rewards like:

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You can also show your support in an all new way – The Nerdmaste way! Official T-shirts, mugs and other swag is now on sale at Tee Public!

Make sure to follow Michael for even more awesomeness just like this!

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