JoeFest – ValaVerse Action Force Figures All Geared Up!

Bobby Vala has just shared word that images the ValaVerse Action Force figures all geared up have been added to the Kickstarter campaign page! Check it out –

From Bobby – You asked for the figures geared up and posed out and you shall receive!!! I just updated the Kickstarter campaign with all new photography of the figures geared up and although Down Range isn’t painted, he’s posed out with those great butterfly joints. Head over to the campaign and check them out or swing by the booth at @joefest_toy_comic and see them in person.

You heard the man! If you’re at JoeFest, make sure to swing by the ValaVerse booth to see these awesome new offerings in hand! If you haven’t made your pledge yet, there’s no time like the present. Head on over to the ValaVerse Kickstarter campaign page to support the cause!


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