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Action Force Kickstarter Exclusive Figure Revealed

The day is finally here! My good bud Bobby Vala has sat down with Chris McLeod of The Full Force to reveal the Kickstarter Exclusive Figure….and oh boy, is this one a doozy!

Bobby noted that before you ask, yes, he owns the rights to the trademark on this figure.

Without further adieu, check out the Kickstarter Exclusive Steel Brigade Figure!



Figure features 36 points of articulation & accessories as well as a display stand.  The Steel Brigade figure will also include a unit patch as well as a unique customized file card for you to name your figure.  Platforms to input that information will available at a later time.  All Steel Brigade file card information will be tracked on http://www.valaverse.com

How awesome is that?! Steel Brigade will most definitely get the juices flowing for quite a few fans out there, myself included!

Will you be joining in on the Action Force campaign?

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