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Hey Everyone!

I hope that this message finds all of you well and enjoying your weekend so far! Folks, I wanted to take a moment and apologize for the lack of content here on the ‘Port as of late. I’ve had folks ask what’s up, so I thought a brief update would be in order.

Without getting in to too many details, I’ve been dealing with health issues that, for lack of a better term, are a bit scary. That said though, the “scary” may be all in my head, but hey, that’s what Doctors are here to sort out, right? Right!

I’ve felt so guilty not sharing updates – Not because I have to, but because for the last 16 years, sharing word on our favorite geeky things has been more than a hobby, but my passion. Not being able to do at the rate that I would like over the last couple of months has been tough, but for now, I have to tell myself that “it is what it is”.

Friends – If I may offer a bit of advice, allow me to share this with you: If you feel sick, don’t “tough it out”, go to the Doctor. Don’t google your symptoms, as the diagnosis you find for yourself may lead you to places your mind doesn’t need to go. Just go to the Doctor, get it sorted, get better and get back to it! (I really wish I would’ve taken that advice myself, LOL!)

So, for now, lots of rest and a handful of appointments are in my future. I’m a fighter, so whatever it is, you better believe I’ll face the challenge head on!

On that note, my friends, I wish each and every one of you the absolute best and I’ll be back as soon as possible, promise!

Erick / C.I.A.D.



5 comments on “ Temporary Hiatus

  1. Recently discovered this site and am sorry to hear you’re taking a break. More importantly though, I really hope that your health issues are taken care of quickly and fully. Be well!


  2. Hope your break gives you the rest and good health you need. Great site. Really enjoy it. Thank you. Hope to see you back soon.


    • Thank you so much, Abe! I’m hoping to be able to maintain the site while on the road to recovery, so thanks a million for coming along for the ride!


  3. Hi, this site likes to be far away from Korea.
    I’m more worried about your health than about site.
    I’ll pray you’ll be healthy again.


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