More Images of B2.Five Acid Rain World Offerings from C3AFA HK 2019

Day 2 of C3AFA HK 2019 has come and gone and with it come a slew of images from the B2.Five Booth! Yesterday, we were treated with a few images…but this time around, there’s a ton for us to check out! Let’s get right to it with a quick video from the event –

The video showcases all of the awesome new offerings on display, including wave 4 from the B2.Five Acid Rain World collection, including –

  • B2.Five Acid Rain Wave 4a Abaddon Flame Trooper Soldiers Pack
  • B2.Five Acid Rain Wave 4a Beaver WF4w
  • B2.Five Acid Rain Wave 4b Bison Stronghold HST2b
  • B2.Five Acid Rain Wave 4b Laurel LE1w
  • B2.Five Acid Rain Wave 4 Bucks Team Argus

Also on display were the upcoming VOTOMS offerings, including SCOPEDOG, BRUTISHDOG and both accessory packs –

Finally, to showcase the interchangeability between VOTOMS and ACID RAIN, B2.Five shared a collection of official photos showing the SCOPEDOG paired with the K6 Jungle Team and the results are fantastic! Check it out –

I’m beyond excited to add these new offerings to my collection! I’ll of course bring you galleries as each is released/received. What item are you most excited about?


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