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Geewunner Nocturnal Unit Pre Orders Now Available

Heads up! The highly anticipated Nocturnal Unit wave from is now available for Pre-Order! I’ll walk you through as there’s all sorts of awesome that you can pick up. Here’s the scoop –


Nocturnal Unit All-In Attack Pack

Ready to go all night long? Go the distance with the Nocturnal Unit All-In Attack Pack. With this option, you’ll receive one copy each of all seven (7!) Nocturnal Unit sets:

* Assault Hovercraft 
* Drill Sergeant Tank 
* Flying Attack Sub 
* Missile Attack Quad 
* Multi-Purpose Cannon 
* Multi-Purpose Cannon Trailer 
* Attack Glider

As a bonus, you will also receive extra red parts for the MPC (see pic below) that gives it that vintage look (not available with the standard set). Still not enough? How about we take ten bucks off the total AND ship it all for free? Done.

Want to add single pieces as well? Then no worries, as Geewunner has you covered and even has a set of pieces that are outside of the grouping above! We’ll start with those two, then get in to each release –

Nocturnal Unit Attack Glider


Night time is the right time for aerial recon, and the Nocturnal Unit Attack Glider is perfect for the job! Approx. 46 parts.

Nocturnal Unit Multi-Purpose Cannon Trailer


Just as the Multi-Purpose Cannon has been repurposed for the witching hour, so has its Trailer! the perfect way to haul your MPC around. Approx. 24 parts.

These are of course alongside the main offerings featured in the Attack Pack –

Nocturnal Unit Assault Hovercraft


Do whales swim at night? They sure do, and now you know! (And so does the Enemy) 
All features retained in this striking version. 
Approx. 417 parts

Nocturnal Unit Drill Sergeant Tank


“Bloody blue blazes! They’ve dipped my ride in black shoe polish! I’ll make them march in the rain and clean the latrine with a toothbrush for this! I’d give ’em worse if it didn’t retain all of the original features!” Approx. 114 parts. 

Nocturnal Unit Flying Attack Submarine


The Hero pulls the shades down on the Enemy with this recolored Flying Attack Sub! Retains all the features of the original, except…you know…in black! Approx. 154 parts.

Nocturnal Unit Missile Attack Quad


The classic quad has not only been splashed in black, but heavily reworked for engagements after midnight! All-new styling gives way to a removable missile launcher station. Really fires! Approx. 59 parts 

Nocturnal Unit Multi-Purpose Cannon


Paint it black! The MPC has been redressed for nocturnal activities, while retaining all of its features. 

Pre-Orders will run through Sunday, March 3rd. Orders are set to ship on or prior to March 31st.

If you’re interested, make sure to act quickly, as these most certainly won’t last long!

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