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SoCal Joe Show and Toy Convention Welcomes Special Guest Will Ryan

SoCal Joe Show Banner - Surveillance Port

The Socal Joe Show & Toy Convention has shared word on their next featured guest, none other than Mr. Will Ryan! Will was the voice behind some of your favorite characters, like Rock ‘n Roll, Footloose and Mutt! Here’s the scoop –

SoCal Joe Show Will Ryan Banner - Surveillance Port

4th SoCal Joe Show & Toy Convention Show would like to announce our 4th guest to the SoCal Joe Show & Toy Convention. We are very happy to announce that Will Ryan will be a special guests for the May 5th show.

Will Ryan is most notable for voicing the characters Footloose, Rock N’ Roll, and Mutt in G.I. Joe. Ryan has voiced popular characters in classic animated films such as Petrie in The Land Before Time, Digit in An American Tail, and Herald Seahorse in The Little Mermaid. Along with voicing Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh: A Day for Eeyore, he was the voice of Tigger, Rabbit, and the singing voice of Eeyore on the long-running Disney Channel’s “Welcome to Pooh Corner”, which aired twice a day for seventeen years. Will was also the voice of Peg-Leg Pete in Duck Tales and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. In Courage the Cowardly Dog, he voiced the villains Big Toe and the Duck Brothers. Some know him for his role as Grubby in the Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin as well as Eugene Meltsner in the longest running radio program Adventures in Odyssey. He played several personalities, including a herd of Ogres “Gad” and “Zook” in the first Disney animated television series ever broadcast, “Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears”. In addition, Will has voiced the Disney character Willie the Giant in numerous animated projects for over 30 years. Ryan’s legendary voice-over career has blessed him with iconic characters that are beloved by many fans, however he is also well known for his work as an author and musician.

Attendees at last year’s show had an absolute blast, so there’s no doubt to believe that the 4th incarnation of the show will be any different! I’ll be sure to bring you more details, including guests and exclusives, as those details are released.

Will you be heading out to the 4th Annual Joe Show & Toy Convention?

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