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Toy Fair 2019 – Kotobukiya G.I.Joe Scarlett Statue on Display

Hey Everyone! After a brief hiatus last week to deal with health issues, I’m back! Talk about timing as well – New York Toy Fair 2019 was held this past weekend and WOW, was there a lot of awesome to take in!

Now, as I tend to focus on more military/science fiction themed offerings, I’ll leave the Transformers and Star Wars news to other outlets that have already done a fine job of reporting on all of the awesome teases this weekend. That said, let’s jump right in to a selection of images from my friends at Big Boy Collectibles, showcasing the new G.I.Joe statues inbound from Kotobukiya!

On display was their first offering, Scarlett! Needless to say, she looks SHARP! Check it out –

As noted in the background of the shots, the Baroness statue is expected to drop this Summer, with Lady Jaye coming in Fall! Will you be adding any or all of these statues to your G.I.Joe collection?

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