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Toys That Time Forgot volume 2 Update Featuring Exclusive Slime variant Toxie

The Toys That Time Forgot vol. 2 Kickstarter Campaign is absolutely crushing it, having reached 86% of its initial funding goal in just under 4 full days!

The campaign has included all sorts of awesome reward tiers, with one of the rewards being an exclusive ReAction “Slime Variant Toxie” (from Toxic Crusaders/Avenger) by Super7! Check it out with the latest update below –

TTTFv2 Exclusive Slime Variant Toxie - Surveillance Port

We jumped up over 300 backers overnight! Quite the feat when you recall it took Volume 1 two weeks to reach that mark! I’m humbled beyond words. Thank you all so very much for the support…  and all of the likes and shares on social media. Please do keep spreading the word about the campaign. We still have some work to do to reach the funding goal… and start unlocking those stretch goals!

Early bird, Warpo and Late To The Party reward levels are sold out… and as I type this there is one Dinotopia reward remaining. One of the cooler reward levels this time around was our own exclusive action figure — a Super7 ReAction Slime variant Toxie (from Toxic Crusaders/Avenger). This figure is limited to 500 pieces and is exclusive to this Kickstarter! If you are a ReAction fan, this is the reward level for you… $75 gets you the figure and a copy of Volume 2! Check out this rendering of the figure supplied by the fine folks at Super7. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the title, TTTF is a first-of-its-kind art book highlighting a series of “lost” toy projects, mainly action figures, spanning three-plus decades. Volume 1 was a success on Kickstarter, so there’s no doubt that vol 2 would follow in its footsteps! He’s a bit of background –

In early 2017, I brought my new book, TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT VOL 1, to Kickstarter. After the 30-day campaign the book was successfully funded, and in the early fall of 2017, the book was delivered to backers. Reaction to the book was extremely favorable… and humbling. It showcased both unproduced toys from popular properties, such as Star Wars, Sectaurs and Earthworm Jim and complete lines that were never produced like Hasbro’s Dark Crystal, Knickerbocker’s Krull and Mattel’s Fleas. My goal was to both showcase the art and passion that went into these projects as well as showing readers something they had never seen before. There was no other book in the world like TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT VOL 1… until now.

TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT VOL 2 sheds new light on a fresh range of boys toys projects that made it into development (some all the way to prototype stage), but for one reason or another did not make it to retail shelves, as well as those that did hit stores, but had plans for additional toys canceled. Did you know that Galoob showcased an action figure line based on the 1984 film The Last Starfighter at that year’s Toy Fair? How about the canceled plans for Year 2 and 3 of Hasbro’s Inhumanoids line? What about Magic The Gathering? Dinotopia? Harry Potter?

Written and compiled by me, the 200-plus page, hardcover book will take an in-depth look at over 20 instances of toy lines that suffered these type of fates. Stories will be supplemented with supporting photographs of the production process, existing prototypes, control drawings used to create the sculpts, concept sketches and more. The stories (and supplemental materials) have come straight from the men and women that lived them — from inventors and sculptors to project managers and toy company executives — as well as from the uber-collectors that seek out and showcase these materials.

Like the first book, TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT VOL 2 is an art/history book. It is not a guide designed to log each figure and each accessory in a static format. It presents these ‘lost’ toys in dynamic, eye-catching ways that showcase both the toys as art and their respective places in history. VOLUME 2, like its predecessor, is split into three sections: The Golden Age (1980s), Darker Times (1990s) and The Gilded Age (2000s). Each section will have entries representing a healthy mix of both licensed and inventor-based products… some of which again have never been seen by the public. 

Here are a few intro spreads from TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT VOL 2…

We’ve got some really cool offerings including exclusive toys from our friends at Super7, limited prints and more! 

TTTFv2 Stretch Goals - Surveillance Port.jpg

This is one campaign you won’t want to miss out on, so make sure to get your pledge in here: Toys That Time Forgot vol. 2 Kickstarter Campaign

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