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Sneaker Con Exclusive Look at ASICS G.I.Joe Snake Eyes Gel Lite III

Here’s something for all of your sneaker heads out there! Sneaker Con, the premier sneaker event,  has shared an exclusive look at a pair of ASICS Gel Lite III’s designed by Anderson_Bluu via their Twitter Page.

Joe Fans, hold on tight, as the sneakers feature a design based on none other than Snake Eyes! Check it out –

EXCLUSIVE LOOK ASICS G.I Joe SNAKE EYES Gel Lite III designed by . You seen his work at Sneaker Con! Now check out his official collaboration with Exclusively sold at footlocker

That’s not all, though! Thanks to some excellent sleuthing by my friends at the Full Force, we also know that a pair based on Storm Shadow are not far behind! In an interview titled “Bluu Dreams Do Come True”, Mark Brickey of Adventures in Design chats with Anderson Bluu of Bluu Dreams and these very sneakers are part of the discussion. Check it out –


Adventures In Design – Bluu Dreams Do Come True

Will you be adding these Snake Eyes and/or Storm Shadow themed ASICS to your sneaker collection?

3 comments on “Sneaker Con Exclusive Look at ASICS G.I.Joe Snake Eyes Gel Lite III

  1. Leon Young

    When can we buy these?? Please


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