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Geewunner Nocturnal Unit Pre Orders Launching Soon

Heads Up! has shared word that their next set of G.I.Joe inspired Lego based building sets will be going up for pre order soon! This is one set that is surely going to excite a lot of people…check out the Nocturnal Unit!

Geewunner Nocturnal Pre Order - Surveillance Port.jpg

This homage to G.I.Joe’s Night Force will surely be a welcome addition to any Kre-O G.I.Joe Front Line! The assortment includes:

  • Nocturnal Unit Flying Attack Submarine
  • Nocturnal Unit Assault Hovercraft
  • Nocturnal Unit Drill Sergeant Tank
  • Nocturnal Unit Multi-Purpose Cannon
  • Nocturnal Unit Missile Attack Quad

This set is sure to sell out fast, so if you want any or all, make sure to keep it locked on to get your preorder in!

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