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Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks February Production Update


Cryptid Toys has shared an update regarding their Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign. Here’s the scoop –


February Update:

It’s Chinese New Year now so everyone at the factories is on break until later in the month but a Male blank with some bases was sent over here to be examined further. As was stated in the last update, the articulation needs to be tighter and the pins need some revisions, but it’s coming together nicely.  This sample also has two right calves so please ignore that assembly error.  The final figures will have all the proper parts.  Here are some pictures of the Male blank alongside some other 6″ figures.  No super dynamic poses since the joints aren’t as tight as they need to be currently, but that will all be possible in the final product.  

The heads are compatible without modification on some other 6″ figures and vice versa. It’s very much a case by case basis since other figures don’t have a universal neck or neck ball joint size but some of those head swaps can be seen here. 

The bases work with figures from other lines but will also be a case by case basis since foot peg hole sizes vary amongst figures.

When everyone at the factories return, they’ll get back to work on the revisions needed for the Male and Skeleton figures, and new samples should arrive soon after. 

There you have it, folks! We should see new samples sometime after the Chinese New Year. I’ll be sure to bring you the scoop once it’s available!

2 comments on “Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks February Production Update

  1. John H Junkins

    Where is this project?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a question for the ages, my friend. The “creator” (for lack of a better term) stopped updating backers on the project. All that contributed (myself included) were left high & dry. 👎🏻


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