Mr. Greg Bridgeman of Wayward Goat Collectibles has shared a new update against his MARV (Modular Armored Range Vehicle) Kickstarter Campaign. The update serves to provide a bit of clarity on the project and reward structure. Here’s the scoop –

Waward-Goats-MARV-Color-Render-Surveillance Port

Hello backers! I wanted to send along a couple of updates and clarifications on the project and rewards, based on comments I have received.

First off, the MARV rewards at the $90, $175, and $425 levels include all accessories AND box packaging for each vehicle. These rewards do not include the streamlined MARV (Basic Variant). I apologize for any confusion caused by adding those additional lower-tier rewards earlier in the week.

Second, I have revised the “Electronics Package” and MARV (Basic Variant) rewards. The two headlight pieces are no longer included with the Electronics Package; instead, the headlights will be included with the MARV (Basic Variant). No action is needed if you already pledged for a MARV (Basic Variant); the headlights will be included with your reward! 

Lastly I have attached some photos based on requests from fans and backers, including underside detail photos and comparisons with some classic “enemy” action figures. If there are any MARV detail or comparison photos you would like to see, please leave requests in the comments or message me directly. 

Thanks again for all of your support! I’m still plugging away on a couple of big additions to the campaign… stay tuned!


Wayward Goat MARV Kickstarter Update 3 - Surveillance Port 01

MARV Undercarriage 

MARV Sculpted Detailing

Wayward Goat MARV Kickstarter Update 3 - Surveillance Port 04

MARV Wheel Assembly

Modular Armored Range Vehicle with a classic 3.75″ “enemy” action figure (figures not included; shown for comparison only)

Each update gets me even more excited for this amazing offering! We’re less than a full week into the campaign and it’s already reached almost 1/5th of its initial funding!

Will you be pledging for the MARV? Have you done so already? If so, what did you opt in for? Sound off in the comments below!

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