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Toy Pizzas Action Figure of the Month February Club Packages Now Arriving!

Heads up! The February shipment from Toy Pizza‘s Action Figure of the Month Club has begun hitting mailboxes! Some have already posted pics, so if you want to be surprised, be forewarned, there’s spoilers out there! (but no worries, not in this thread!)

Along with word of the 2nd AFOTMC shipment comes an update from Mr. Jesse DeStasio. Here’s the scoop –

Action Figure of the Month Banner - Surveillance Port

Feb. Club Packages Are Now Arriving!

There are not a lot of Kickstarters that can say they fulfill on time, let alone early. I’m proud of the work we’ve done on AFOTM and hopefully every following month runs as smooth as the first two. 

Check your mailboxes over the next few days, goods are starting to arrive. 

Couple things to note: 

– The weather has been negative here over the past few days and worse in other parts of the country. My guess is the arrival of these packages will be unusually staggered over the next week or so. Some smaller towns are cancelling mail pick ups / deliveries all together.  Likewise, if you’ve ordered from our webstore recently, please allow a few extra days. 

– Some backerkit goods are shipping this month. We are about 1-3 months early on several items, so I decided to pack them up and ship them out. If you ordered the Sub City Security TrooperDuster JacketHood & Tunic, or Army Builders (Green & Tan), they should be arriving. 

– There is a tiny bit of overage inventory on this months figure (there is no variant, everyone gets the same figure) and I will be putting those extra figures up on this Monday. Because of the limited amount, no advance sale will be offered this time. It will likely sell out immediately. There are currently no plans to re-run this style. Additional colorways will be rolled out soon after. 

Free Episode of DeStasapod 

Need something to listen to in this bleak cold? Try the warmth of my nasally voice with a free episode of DeStasapod. It features the story behind the Desert Rat and lots of interesting tidbits.

Patron Vinyl.toy.monkey discovered the FREE PATREON Rift Killer Metallic figure (given to all $25 patrons) makes for killer combos with the recent Old Knight figures. He was also kind enough to leave an excellent endorsement! 

Today I’m going to start prepping the March mailing. 

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your pictures of the AFOTM figure for this month!

I seriously cannot wait to get this month’s figure in hand!

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