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Eagle Force Pulp Update – Eagle Island Cards Inbound Tomorrow

Heads up, Eagle Force Faithful! My good friend Chris from The Drawn Word has shared word that the Eagle Island Cards offered via the Eagle Force Pulp #6: To Catch the Cat Kickstarter Campaign are now ready! Here’s the scoop –

Eagle Force Eagle Island - Surveillance Port

Hi, everyone!

The postcards are ready to go to the post office tomorrow for US backers (I’m taking them in the morning. The book should be back on approvals by the weekend, and my plan is to spend the weekend revising, designing, and sending it off to press.

For those of you who backed my Unholy Trio of Terror trading cards, it’s looking like both that and this one will be ready at the same time. I plan on consolidating them into one shipment to streamline the experience!

For any of you who might be interested in the gnarly silent horror cards, feel free to Paypal me $15 at drawnword@gmail.com if you’d also like a set.

Stay tuned! I hope to have book updates really soon.

Bestest, Chris

Woo Hoo! It won’t be long before backers have this killer Eagle Island postcard in hand! Also, you heard the man, if you’d like to get a set of Silent Horror cards, make sure to head over to PayPal and grab yours before they’re gone!


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