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Acid Rain World Panther MM1c Vehicle Teaser


A new vehicle Teaser from the Acid Rain World has been released! This time around, we get to check out the all new Acid Rain World Panther MM1c!

The Panther MM1c, debuting in the new Acid Rain World Mobile game, Gray Dawn, is a highly armored, highly stylized Motorcycle and from the attached artwork, it’s all sorts of awesome! Check it out –


Kit notes that the came has been released; That said, it hasn’t appeared in either the Apple Store or Google Play, but no worries, I’ll keep you posted as to when it does! In the meanwhile, you can check out the gameplay trailer here –

What are your thoughts no the new Panther MM1c?

2 comments on “Acid Rain World Panther MM1c Vehicle Teaser

  1. Whatever happened to this project? I thought it was a tank battler, but if that was the case I wouldn’t have much interest, However, if it was going to push the 1/18 toy design forward I would have paid for it. In a heartbeat.

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    • The last update shared was back in December, via a gameplay promo vid on YouTube:

      Still in a “coming soon” state. Hopefully there’s something tangible soon, as like you said, the designs coming from this segment were/are incredible and need to be realized in one form or another!


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