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Kickstarter for the Modular Armored Range Vehicle by Wayward Goat Collectibles is Now Live

Heads up! The wait is over and the M.A.R.V. (Modular Armored Range Vehicle) by Wayward Goat Collectibles is ready to start the journey to your Front Line, as the Kickstarter campaign for the vehicle is now LIVE!

Modular Armored Range Vehicle (MARV) Kickstarter


Wayward Goat Collectibles is proud to present the Modular Armored Range Vehicle (MARV). The MARV is a highly-detailed 1:18 scale military vehicle intended for use with your favorite action figure and gaming lines.

About the Modular Armored Range Vehicle

The Modular Armored Range Vehicle was created to fill a huge void in the collectible toy market. For the last several years, the availability of high-quality 1:18 scale vehicles has been in steady decline. The MARV packs the detailing, features and functionality collectors desire combined with durable construction reminiscent of classic toy lines from years past.

Our top priority was to create a vehicle worthy of approval from action figures collectors. The first step was figuring out what the MARV would look like: inspiration was taken from multiple real-world armored vehicles currently in use by militaries around the globe. Next up was working out the scale: the MARV was built at true 1:18 scale, so it can appropriately fit both 3.75″ AND 4″ action figures. From there the MARV was carefully crafted to incorporate a wide range of features and functions.

MARV Features: 

  • Removable and interchangeable parts. Pieces can be removed and placed at different locations using alternate mounting points on the MARV.
  • Turret with machine gun! The turret can rotate a full 360 degrees, while the machine gun can also rotate and elevate.
  • Four opening doors lead to a functional cab! Seats fit most 3.75″ and 4″ size (1:18 scale) action figures.
  • Rolling wheels feature separate tire pieces made with soft plastic for a realistic rubber look and feel. Tires are detailed with writing and tread patterns.
  • Rear bed can be uncovered to reveal a perfect storage area for accessories and gear. The plastic cover piece has even been sculpted to look like real canvas.
  • Premium detailing! Molded details, strategic paint applications and small accent pieces (windshield wipers, side mirrors, windows) add additional realism.
  • The MARV includes two dashboard pieces, one with the steering wheel on the left side and the other with the wheel on the right side. The dashboards are interchangeable, so the cab of the MARV can be customized as a region-specific vehicle.
  • The Modular Armored Range Vehicle can fit four 3.75″-4″ action figures in the seats, with another figure standing in the turret position.
  • The MARV has storage options for your favorite action figure accessories! Gear with pegs can attach using the MARV’s mounting points (sized for roughly 0.122in/3.1mm peg diameter), while larger accessories can be stored in the rear bed.

MARV Product Specifications

Vehicle Size (without turret, antennae, or side mirrors attached): 12.6″L x 5″W x 5.625″ H; with the turret enclosure attached, the Modular Armored Range Vehicle is nearly 8 inches tall!

Materials: The MARV will be manufactured with injection molded ABS plastic.

Construction: three main body pieces on the MARV are held together with screws. Removable and interchangeable parts attach with snap-fit connections, so they can easily be removed.

Packaging: The MARV packaging will be a closed-box design. Main body pieces will come assembled, while smaller snap-fit pieces will need to be attached by the end user.

Funding Goal

We will need to raise $125,000 to get the Modular Armored Range Vehicle deployed into collections around the world. This base goal covers not just the tooling and production costs, but also packaging, freight, and final shipping to our backers. We have also included quality control and safety testing into our goal to ensure that the MARV will be a top-notch product to meet the highest of expectations. The graph below outlines how Kickstarter funds will be allocated for MARV production and fulfillment.

Stretch Goals

Raising funds beyond our base goal will allow for production of additional color variants of the Modular Armored Range Vehicle. Meeting these “stretch goals” will unlock the following MARV variants:

$155,000 Stretch Goal – Stealth Black MARV: an entirely black vehicle, great for those stealthy crime fighters who work during midnight hours.

$185,000 Stretch Goal –  Drab Green MARV: a versatile dark green coloring to work with multiple factions and environments.

$215,000 Stretch Goal – “Enforcement Blue” MARV: a dark blue coloring, perfect for a law enforcement team or an enemy infantry force.

If these stretch goals are unlocked, additional MARVs can be added to your reward by increasing your total pledge amount.  Add an extra $90 to your pledge (plus shipping for backers outside of the US: add $10 if in Canada, add $17 everywhere else) for each additional MARV you want to back.  Final color selections can be made during the post-Kickstarter survey.

Who is Wayward Goat?

Wayward Goat Collectibles is a new endeavor lead by me, Greg Bridgeman. I am a longtime fan and collector of action figures, going from playing with them as a child to carefully posing and displaying them on a shelf as I entered middle school. I have been selling toys online and at shows for the past five years, and finally took the plunge on crafting a brand and producing my own items. The Modular Armored Range Vehicle is the first of many ideas I plan on bringing to fruition; it is truly a vehicle from a collector, for collectors.

Risks and challenges

Most of the project risk will involve potential delays in the manufacturing process. We are working with an experienced firm in the toy industry, The Big Eye Studio, to facilitate production. Their connections and guidance will help to ensure the Modular Armored Range Vehicle is a high-quality product and completed in a timely fashion.

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