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Half the Battle 2 G.I.Joe Sketch Art Kickstarter Campaign Update

Jason Sobol has shared the first post-Kickstarter update since his campaign for Half the Battle: Volume 2 funded last November. The update advises that we’re still on track to receive our sketchbooks in February. It appears that Kickstarter was giving Mark a bit of issue with his update, so I’m going to do my best to convey the sentiment of the message and include the original for review. Here’s the scoop –

Jason Mark Sobel Art - Surveillance Port 00

Abnormal formatting update

will still books  will still get books out in fFebruar. Just wanted to keep you all updateI have been talking with printer ab abit ambover last week. And kickstarter Kickstarteris butchreing butcheringthis update and will not let me hit delete. No editing on this one!Hello all. I ran into a formatting update, which is actually pretty normal. If all goes well, I

  • Books are still planned to ship out in February. (if all goes well)
  • Mark has discussed Abnormal formatting issue with Printer last week.

I can’t wait to add this title to my ever growing library! Did you get in on the campaign? If so, did you opt for an 11×17 custom piece? If so, who did you select?

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