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Exclusive Q and A Session with Toy Pizza’s Mr. Nicky Fung

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I’m honored to bring you part 2 of my Exclusive Q&A with the masterminds behind Toy Pizza!

Not too long ago, I had the chance to sit down with Mr. Jesse DeStasio. This time around, I get to pick the brain of the other half of this dynamic duo, Mr. Nicholas “Nicky” Fung! Nicky is the powerhouse behind the Toy Pizza YouTube channel and needless to say, you need to go check it out ASAP if you haven’t subscribed already!

Last time around, we were treated to pics throughout the Q&A. This time, you can check videos from Toy Pizza’s catalog! We touch upon a broad range of topics, so sit back, relax & enjoy!

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SP – Thanks for taking the time to chat, Nicky! Let’s kick things off with the basics – Who is Mr. Nicholas Fung? What can you tell us about yourself? 

NF/TP – Hello! I go by Nicky, co-creator and co-host of Toy Pizza. My 9-6 is editing videos for Frederator, and I’ve edited every piece of video on our Toy Pizza channel. I’m also left-handed.

SP – What got you in to Toys? Has it always been a hobby, or was it something that developed as you got older? 

NF/TP – I feel like I’ve been playing with toys since I was a child. Trips to Toys R Us were certainly a treat, and like every kid growing up, I wanted a new toy for my birthday, not clothes. I bounced from X-Men and Marvel to Batman, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, Spawn… You name it. My brother and I had bins of toys under our bed. Then as I got older, meeting someone like Jesse was very eye-opening. I legitimately had a thought like, “Yeah! Why can’t I own a lot of toys as an adult?” and it was equal parts nostalgia and collecting toys I’ve never seen before, new and old.

SP – I mentioned to Jesse that your YouTube channel is deep fried in AWESOME! You look like you’re in your element and having so much fun. What would you say is your favorite aspect of the channel? 

NF/TP – The best part about Toy Pizza is having that creative freedom. It’s our channel. We get to determine what we put out, despite if it’s only funny to us. That truly is the best part. I’d like to assume, the majority of our viewers understand our humor.

SP – Your reviews typically cover a broad range of collectibles. Outside of KOTS, of course, do you have any favorite toy lines? What would you say are your top 3? 

NF/TP – For nostalgia, It’s Toy Biz X-Men. Specifically the Wolverines, but there’s so much of what I love in an action figure that’s deeply rooted in that line.
The other two have to go to 1000toys and anything that comes out in a 1/12 scale from them, and Bandai Tamashii Nations, S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z and Super.

SP – Your channel launched roughly 5 or more years ago. What drives you to keep creating, fresh, new content? What would you say to others that are interested in following in your foot steps? 

NF/TP – My 9-6 is a video editor predominantly for YouTube videos, and 5 years is a decent time to be doing that. Toy Pizza, as mentioned earlier, is our channel, free to have fun and do what we like. When we started Toy Pizza, we looked at what everyone else is doing on YouTube regarding toys, and thought, “Yeah let’s not do that,” and wanted to review toys in our own way, with an emphasis on making the toys look great on screen. It’s really not hard to keep it “creative” or “fresh”, Toy Pizza videos are my canvas to try something new. If anyone were to follow in our footsteps, I can’t encourage enough to do your own thing. It’s not about the views, or the notoriety. Take a look at our recent videos, we don’t nearly get as much views as we used to, which actually is a relief and reminder that we are making videos for us. And if you stumble upon our channel and watch a video, that’s extra. Not a lot of toy channels can say that they had the opportunity to fly to Japan to make videos, so you just never know what making content can and will lead you.

SP – Curveball time – I asked Jesse a similar question, so now it’s your turn on the hotseat: Time to pick between your children…What would you say you enjoy more? Creating content, or creating toys?

NF/TP – As much as I enjoy both, I enjoy creating content. The reason why is because I have a better sense of control throughout the entire process.
Toy making is INCREDIBLY fulfilling, don’t get me wrong. It’s so amazing to have an action figure line that was birthed from a YouTube channel, but if you think about it, there’s a lot of hours, days, weeks and months you’re not with the product you are making, at least not as “hands-on” as I would like to be. So back to your question, specifically on enjoyment, it’s creating content.

SP – Speaking of creating toys, I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you on the success of your Action Figure of the Month Kickstarter campaign (congrats, man!). I know you may not be able to divulge due to spoilers, but what would you say is your most anticipated figure from the set? (sigh, that’s so spoilerific, feel free to delete my entire sentence, lol). 

NF/TP – Avoiding spoilers, I’m excited for the new sculpts, thanks to all of the support for AFOTM. I hope the world is ready for Device Ninja, I think that’s my most anticipated figure in the campaign.

SP – From a content creation perspective, are there any plans and/or projects lined up for 2019 that you would be able to share with us?

NF/TP – Nothing specifically planned, but there are several videos I personally would like to make. I can’t sit still if I’m not making any videos. There is one thing specifically that I’m excited about, but that’s only if it’s green lit, so fingers crossed.

SP – I know I speak for many when I note that your visits to Japan have been chock full of awesome. Have you considered visiting other locations around the world in search for awesome toys?

NF/TP – Absolutely! The top of the list for me is revisit Japan, and right under that is revisit Japan again, haha. I never fell in love with a place until I visited.
Japan aside, I want to explore more parts of Asia like Thailand, Taipei or Hong Kong, potentially going to one of the big toy shows.

SP – Last, but certainly not least….Pizza – Do you fold your slice like a civilized human being? 

NF/TP – I just roll my slice into a ball. Yes folding, when it makes sense! If you’re in NY, you’ll run into a lot of floppy slices, and if you’ve got toppings, forget it! That’s an instant-fold. But you’re nuts if you’re folding a Sicilian slice.

Nicky & Jesse are an absolutely stellar pair of Gentlemen and I’m beyond honored to have been able to chat with both of them regarding Toy Pizza. I hope you’ve enjoyed these Q&A sessions as much as I did! You can check out my sit down with Jesse and don’t forget to head over to the Toy Pizza Shop to get your hands on the all new Micro Release, Old Knight Meg!

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