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Toy Pizza Action Figure of the Month Club February 2019 Update

Mr. Jesse DeStasio has sent out an early February 2019 update on Toy Pizza’s Action Figure of the Month Club Kickstarter Campaign! Here’s the scoop –

Action Figure of the Month Banner - Surveillance Port


With the factories on break for Chinese New Year, there won’t be any production updates until the end of Feb.

The good news is the AFOTM Club for Feb. is all packed up and ready to start heading out. Fulfillment will begin next week and I’m excited for everyone to get their second figure. 

There are no variants in Feb’s figure, everyone is getting the exact same figure. Any extra inventory will be put on the store mid-Feb (by current count there won’t be much to spare). 

Please also note the Hood & Tunic combo goods have arrived and will be sent out with Feb’s mailing. I’m going to be offering these in the store for our drop tomorrow (more on that below).  If you ordered the Hood & Tunic set through Backerkit, no need to re-purchase it, it’ll already be on the way to you. 



(Photo by Jake Coyle)
(Photo by Jake Coyle)

We want to see seige warfare as depicted by Old Knights!
Enter your diorama pic or fan art and capture as many battling Pizza Squires as you can cram into the frame. The bigger the army the better. 
Bonus points for showing castle parts, siege weapons, ladders, etc. 

To Enter: 
Post your diorama photo or artwork in the Facebook group thread or on instagram (using our hashtags) 

  • Ages 18 years and older only 
  • Intl. fans are welcome to enter
  • Winner chosen via random name picker 
  • One entree per name 
  • Patrons are automatically entered to win twice 
  • Contest ends Feb 10th at midnight. 

And remember- if you need more Old Knights for the shoot- the brand new “Meg” knight drops tomorrow at 1PM EST on the store. 

The Prize: A combo pack of sold out Old Knight material boys. 

(pic by Jake Coyle) 

How awesome is that? Not only will our February shipment be en route as early as next week, but now there’s a killer contest to join in on! Time to break out those cameras and get to work! Good luck to all that enter!

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