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JoeFest Toy and Comic Show announces The Full Force as Guest Attendee

As noted earlier, the list of guests at JoeFest Toy and Comic show continues to rise, as Mr. Christopher McLeod from The Full Force has been announced as a guest attendee! Here’s the scoop –
Chris McLeod Hit and Run Cosplay - Surveillanc ePort.jpg

The Full Force – A fancast about the world of Action Force & GI Joe and Hoardar.com will be in attendance this year at Joefest 2019 with Podcast host and app developer Chris McLeod aka Diagnostik80!!

The Full Force is a Podcast all about the world of Action Force, G.I. Joe and everything related with news, discussion and general merriment surrounding your favourite brands!! As well as The Full Force, Chris will be representing a brand new website and app (currently in development) called Hoardar.

This brand new social network for collectors allows users to share their collectibles, like and comment on other users posts, browse the huge amount of items on the site so far, buy and sell on the trading platform as well as create an inventory of your collection for organisational or even insurance purposes. Find out more at the show….FULL FORCE!!

It’s going to be great to see so many people at JoeFest! I hope one of those people is you!

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