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Eagle Force Pulp Update – Eagle Island Cards are Ready!

Not to fret, not all Kickstarter Campaign updates this morning reference delays! Chris from The Drawn Word has shared word that the Eagle Island Cards offered via the Eagle Force Pulp #6: To Catch the Cat Kickstarter Campaign are now ready! Here’s the scoop –

Eagle Force Eagle Island - Surveillance Port

Eagle Island postcards are ready!

Great news! The Eagle Island postcards are in and they’re lovely!

Please fill this survey out to let me know which Eagle Forcer you’d like, as well as your mailing address. This will go out in the next week for domestic orders.

Also, you can add one on now by sending the $5 to drawnword@gmail.com.

Nothing’s better than getting mail!!!!

That Eagle Island artwork is all sorts of awesome and I can’t wait to add that postcard to my ever growing Eagle Force collection! Did you opt in for one? If not, will you be sending $5 to get your hands on one? I hope so!

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