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Brian Kossin Reveals Joelanta Exclusive 3 Pack

A little over a week ago, Brian Kossin revealed the “Overkiller BAT“, an exclusive offering from Joelanta / Toylanta.

Brian has followed up that reveal with an exclusive 3 pack available only at the show! Check it out –

Joelanta / Toylanta exclusive 3-pack reveal

“Overkill BATS” and “Bio-Hazzard Zombies” will be invading the Toylanta show in Atlanta on March 8-10. They will be the official Toylanta 3 3/4” show exclusive set.

Each 3-pack will include:
1 Bio-Hazzard Zombie with custom cast head
2 Overkillers BATS
1 Drum of Toxic waste
Exclusive art and filecards for each figure

Limited to only 50 hand numbered sets.

This set looks like all sorts of fun! Are you heading to Joelanta? If so, are you looking forward to adding this set to your collection?

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