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B2.Five Acid Rain World Armored Calvary Scope Dog Prototype Images

This past Summer, we got to get our first look at the upcoming Armored Calvary VOTOMS Scope Dog, being introduced to the Acid Rain World line as part of the B2.Five Series.

Acid Rain World Scope Dog Painted Prototype - Surveillance Port.jpeg

Thanks to the fine folks at TAG Hobby for sharing prototype images of Scope Dog in all of his glory! Check it out –

As you can see form the included images, the Scope Dog ATM-09-ST is roughly the same size as a B2.Five Acid Rain World Stronghold. As with all B2.Five offerings, it’s hyper articulated and will include a range of weaponry, including the “Round Mover” Space Jet Back Pack!

We’ll see more of this awesome offering this February at Tokyo Wonder Festival 2019, so stay tuned as I’ll do my best to provide coverage from the event!

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