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B2.Five Acid Rain World Abaddon Trooper Set Review Gallery

Yesterday I brought you a gallery of the new B2.Five Acid Rain World Bucks Team Moose Laurel LA3b.

Tonight, I continue my look at Wave 3B with a review gallery of the new B2.Five Acid Rain World Abaddon Trooper Set! I’ve put together a gallery of nearly 50 images for your viewing pleasure. I’ll break it down segment by segment below. Check it out –


The Abaddon Trooper Set comes in packaging similar to previous B2.Five offerings. Images of two Abaddon Trooper and an Abaddon NCO adorn the packaging, with the squad in different poses.

The three man team comes encased in a clam shell, with the NCO flanked by a Trooper on each side and their wide assortment of weaponry in it’s only compartment.


As noted above, the set includes 2 troopers and an NCO that are armed to the teeth. They include 2 rifles, one short rifle, 3 pistols, a knife and an NCO sidearm.
Omanga’s Abaddon Army was established by Emperor Oleksandr III shortly after his coronation. Utilizing the latest Omanga technologies, these bio-chemically and mechanically enhanced soldiers boast incredible combat capabilities. Abaddon NCO led Trooper squads make up the main combat force of the Abaddon Army.
Let’s take a look at the Trooper first –


Beaver has done an outstanding job of downsizing the 1:18 scale Acid Rain figures to this size, as the Abaddon Trooper looks just like his counterpart. As with other B2.Five figures, the Abaddon Trooper is hyper articulated and comes with a gorgeous paint scheme – Blue Base, with Silver and Black Highlights. Rifles can be mounted to the Figure’s back or easily held in the figure’s hand. The Mechanical look of the helmet and armor really give the Abaddon and almost robotic feel.


Both the Abaddon Trooper and NCO feature a pouched belt. Truth be told, as these figures have an ab crunch, the belt can cause the figures to separate at the waist, but no worries, they’re easily put back together.


The Abaddon Trooper set is a much welcome addition to the B2.Five Acid Rain World collection. It’s fantastic to finally add characters from the Omanga Military to the battle…I just can’t wait to see who’s coming next!

If you’d like to add this set to your collection, you can get it right from B2.Five shop here – B2.Five Acid Rain World Abaddon Trooper Set


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