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B2.Five Acid Rain World Bucks Team Moose Laurel Review Gallery

Thanks to my friends at Beaver, I’m pleased to bring you a review gallery of Wave 3B, starting with the all new B2.Five Acid Rain World Agurts Military Moose Laurel LA3b!

This particular Laurel is assigned to the Bucks Team and comes with none other than Bob, the Bucks Team Leader as a pilot!

I’ve gathered a gallery of nearly 100 images for your viewing pleasure (one of my largest galleries to date!). I’ll break it down segment by segment below. Check it out –

The Moose Laurel LA3b comes in packaging similar to previous B2.Five offerings. Images of Bob and the Laurel adorn the packaging, with configuration options for the Laurel shown as well, giving you ideas on how to use other interchangeable B2.Five figures with your Laurel.

As you can see, Jack, Steel and a pair of Bucks Team troopers were eager to get their Leader out of his packaging!

The 3rd Laurel in the B2.Five Acid Rain World series comes encased in a plastic clam shell and features the Laurel, Bob and their accessories in an organized fashion. First up, let’s take a look at the Bucks Team Laurel.

The Moose Laurel LA3b is a welcome addition to the Acid Rain World front lines. I absolutely love the use of Bucks Team colors on the Laurel, as it’s one of my favorite Mechas from the line.

What else is really awesome about the Moose Laurel is the new canopy and remolded parts. The Moose Laurel features a color scheme that almost looks like gun metal, brown, gray and black. Bucks Team is written out on the chest plate of the Laurel, with the Bucks Team logo on both the canopy and left shoulder. The Moose Laurel can be disassembled and interchanged with other B2.Five Acid Rain World offerings (each sold separately.

I really love the Hydraulic nature of the feet, as you can tell that the Moose Laurel needs to be able to anchor itself in due to the massive size of it’s sniper rifle. The Rifle not only as a detachable clip, but is also connected to a huge back pack that can be mounted on to the Moose Laurel. The gun can also be stored there, which is really neat.

When in close range combat, the Moose Laurel features a foldable, detachable knife on his arm. Needless to say, the Moose Laurel looks right at home alongside the rest of the Bucks Team. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the highly anticipated Bucks Team leader, Bob –

Beaver has done an outstanding job of downsizing the 1:18 scale Acid Rain figures to this size, as Bob looks just like his counterpart. As with other B2.Five figures, Bob is hyper articulated and comes with a Rifle, Pistol, Knife and Helmeted head. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to finally add Bob to my collection at this scale.

The Moose Laurel LA3b looks absolutely fantastic in any environment it’s placed in, making me want to take this bad boy out for a lot more pictures! I hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery review and I hope it leads you to adding one of these to your own collection, as it really is all sorts of awesome! You can grab yours here: B2.Five Acid Rain World Agurts Military Moose Laurel LA3b

Join me tomorrow as I take a look at the new Abaddon Trooper set!

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