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Sunok Studios shares Test Shot Image of Robotech Zentradi Leader Breetai

This past weekend, Mr. Solomon Witt shared quite the teaser image with the Fandom? The image? Oh, just a confirmation that Sunok Studios, LLC and MEPTOYS, in collaboration with Harmony Gold, are bringing us a new series of Robotech based action figures!

robotech logo - surveillance port

Fans have been ecstatic over the news and today should be absolutely no different, as Solomon has shared our first reveal hot off the Desk Of SRX factory – Test shots of the 
Zentradi Leader,  BREETAI!

Similar to much of his race, Breetai was actually a clone created by the Tirolians following the discovery of Robotechnology and Protoculture at the hands of Zor. During Zor’s experiments, it was discovered that he was able to genetically alter lifeforms and even create entirely new races if need be which led to Nimuul ordering him to create a race of gigantic clones. The intention of this was for the newly formed Zentraedi to mine Monopole Ore on Fantoma. However its harsh atmosphere had resisted any other attempts at mining it of its wealth. – Robotech Saga Wiki

The sculpt is absolutely gorgeous and a true to form representation of Breetai. What’s really neat is he appears to come with interchangeable hands and what’s that? A mini pilot?!

Word is that these will be going straight to retail, so I’ll be sure to bring you more details as they’re released. What are your thoughts on this new Robotech line? I for one can’t wait to add them to my collection!

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