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Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks January Production Update

Cryptid Toys has an update regarding their Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign. Here’s the scoop –

January Update

Hey Backers, 

Just to update everyone, adjustments to the tooling are still being made.  Still trying to get the factory with the Skeleton figure to get the size of the sockets on the skeleton correct so that parts are held together tightly enough while still allowing proper movement. 

The factory doing the Male figures is making adjustments to some of the joints (the detents and some sockets in particular) and the arm/leg pin lengths in order to have sturdy articulation that holds poses well.  (Detents are what create the ‘ratchet’ effect in joints when they are moved, for those that don’t know). All the parts had labels added (“R” or “L”, that you may be able to spot in some pictures) to help workers with proper assembly.  There are also some adjustments being made to the inside of the ABS torso pieces so the ab crunch holds poses without being floppy.  

Always reluctant to show pictures of parts and mold tests because these are not final, and will be improved upon, but here they are.  The size of these parts post-tooling is correct so there is no need to worry about the final figures being shorter than what was promised and pictured as that has been a concern of a couple backers. 

Again, appreciate the continued patience from those backers who have shown just that.  To others, this campaign has fallen behind the original targeted goal but the figures are continuing to be worked on with the factories so great product is able to be delivered. The factory workers are going to be taking a break for Chinese New Year from early February until later in the month, but will be back at this work as soon as they return. Unfortunately, delays with small runs of figures like these is very common among factories that produce items for a large number of other clients, many of which have much much larger orders. 

I’m hopeful that we’ll see something awesome after Chinese New Year. I’ll keep you posted as more info is released.

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