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Adam Riches shares details on Hand Painted Artwork for GIJCC Final 12 Coils O Doom

Payload wasn’t the only figure whose artwork was showcased by Mr. Adam Riches; Today via Facebook, we got the scoop on the backstory to an all new character, Coils O’Doom from the G.I.Joe Collectors Club Final 12 assortment. Check it out –

G.I. Joe fans!

This. Is. It.

Keep your eyes on those mailboxes as the highly-anticipated “Final Twelve” series of figures from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club is starting to ship, and with that, my FINAL piece of packaging art for the club, the M.A.R.S Mercenary, Coils O’Doom!

Much like the last figure I highlighted, Payload, this one is quite unique in that its packaging art is styled to resemble a 1970’s Adventure Team-era Joe. To achieve this look, Coils O’Doom is the ONLY G.I. Joe card back I’ve illustrated that is 100% hand painted, with no digital work at all! In fact, it’s probably the first Joe card to be traditionally painted since the 1990s! I had an absolute blast working on this one, getting to create the visual identity of a brand new character, in a brand new way, as my swan song to the line.

On a personal note, it’s hard to articulate just how much I’ve enjoyed my 6+ years run illustrating packaging art for the Joe club product. While I’m definitely bummed to see them closing up shop, I also can’t begin to express how unbelievably grateful I am to them for allowing me the opportunity to live out this childhood dream, and to be along with them for the ride all the way until the end.

When I got the call to illustrate my very first G.I. Joe card back in 2012 (Iceberg v4 -2013) I really believed that might be it, and if it had been, I was totally content knowing I’d left an indelible mark on my favorite toy line, no matter how small. Yet here we are all these years later, and I can’t help but smile when I think about the legacy I leave behind, somehow I’ve become one of the most tenured artists ever to work on G.I. Joe packaging! During my time with the GIJCC, I illustrated 51 unique G.I. Joe card backs, 2 convention posters, had my art reprinted in magazines, trading cards, comics, and even recolored/repurposed into several other figures. Got to immortalize myself, friends, and family as G.I. Joe characters, and travel to a bunch of places I otherwise never would’ve. It certainly wasn’t always easy, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

I want to give an enormous thank you to the staff of the club who I’ve worked closely with over the years… Brian SavagePete Sinclair, David Lane, and especially Lanny Lathem, as well as the thousands of G.I. Joe fans around the world who now have my work as a part of your collections, many of whom I’ve had the privilege of interacting with online and at conventions. Signing your figures will always be surreal to me!

The Official G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has been an incredible ride, as both a fan, and someone working on the brand, but like all good things…

For those curious about the future of G.I. Joe, and my involvement with it, I’ll say this, when Hasbro is ready to call Joe back in to active duty, I’m ready to re-enlist at any time! In the mean time, there’s always the possibility that you’ll see me pop up on the occasional G.I. Joe comic book cover for IDW Publishing (and if you want to ensure that happens more often, I actively encourage you to e-mail letters@idwpublishing.com as well as @TomWaltz on Twitter, and let them know you want to see me drawing G.I. Joe covers!), and lest this sound like I’m retiring or something, far from it! You will be seeing plenty more of me on comic covers, WWE costume designs, animation designs, and more (when I can talk about it), until then, and forever…

Yo Joe!

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t too keen on this figure when first announced; Only because of the build though, as I love the introduction of new characters with fun, different back stories.

That said, the fact that the card art for this was hand painted really makes it a piece that I plan on adding to my collection, as that art just POPS!

Will Coils O’Doom find a place in your collection?

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