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GIJCC News – Store front open, Psyche Out stand issues and Final 12 delayed shipping

Today, Fun Publications sent out word to all former G.I.Joe Club members noting a few different items. Make sure to read the full update below, with my recap afterwards –

fun publications final 12 notice - surveillance port

Let’s take a look at the Good/Not so good:

  • The good – The Club store is now open to all former club members, allowing you to grab whatever is available that you’d like for your collection.
  • Not so good – Any order placed now won’t ship until Mid-February (although that’s completely understandable)
  • Not so good – Psyche-Out’s stand has an issue (but the Club is already all over it, so that’s a good thing).
  • Not so good – Those who placed an order that included Psyche-Out have to wait until February for their order as that’s when the replacement stands will be in.

That last bullet point is one that really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, especially considering that some spent over $1,400.00 in product to have it delayed by $3 postage.

Did you order Tiger Force Psyche-Out from Fun Publications’ Final 12? If so, what are your thoughts about this?

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