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Action Figure of the Month Club Metaruda Rift Killer Review Gallery

The first figure from the Action Figure of the Month Club by Toy Pizza has arrived!

I wanted to wait a few days until others received theirs, so I wouldn’t spoil it. As images have appeared all over the ‘net, I figured there was no better time than the present to share a gallery of images of the oh-so-awesome Toy Pizza AFOTM Metaruda figure!

The Metaruda Rift Killer is a Tokusatsu dream come true! I absolutely love the color pattern on Metaruda, as it just screams Metal Hero Series: Superhuman Machine Metalder, Dimensional Warrior Spielban and Space Sheriff Shaider (well, to me that is).

Included in my package was an Action Figure of the Month Pin (Kickstarter Exclusive), My Metaruda Rift Killer, an awesome AFOTM sticker and an uber cool alternate head! What’s pretty dope is the box came wrapped in a “silver foil” type envelope bag, with a bold Action Figure of the Month club sticker on one side. Once opened, I was greeted to a smaller white box with a bookend sticker noting the figure and month – A very nice touch that stood out to me (and will look awesome on the shelf).

What else is pretty neat about this first release as there’s a variation – You either get “Yellow Eyes” or “Gold Eyes” on your Metaruda. The version I received is Yellow and needless to say, I love it!

As the series features the Glyos joint system, you can pop of his head, legs, arms, torso, etc. and mix/match parts to make your own kick ass figure! He’s 1:18 scaled, so I’ve taken a pair of images with the Metaruda Rift Killer to his size/stature next to a few other offerings.

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to receive more offerings from the Club, as the first is an absolute home run!

Want to pick up some awesome Toy Pizza offerings for your collection? Then make sure to head over to the Toy Pizza Shop and load your cart up, as these definitely live up to the hype! I’ll be sure to share pics once the second shipment arrives next month!

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