1987 G.I.Joe MarshAllan Industries Dinner Tray and Trash Can on 3DJoes

Word has come in from 3DJoes.com that the 1987 G.I.Joe Dinner Tray & Trash Can by MarshAllan Industries, Inc. has been added to the archive! Here’s the scoop –

​The art for FalconChuckles and Recondo is reminiscent of their original card art, but it is an entirely new rendering. The trash can features the same painting as the dinner tray, but reveals a much wider scene! The dinner tray didn’t show any Cobra forces, but the trash can reveals who the Joes are battling!

I absolutely love all the cool branded pieces from G.I.Joe’s past. The artwork on both of these items is phenomenal! Many thanks to 3DJoes for sharing yet another fun piece of G.I.Joe history!

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