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Black Major Toys Python Patrol Python Invasor Pictorial Review

Over the course of this last week, I’ve shared pictorials of new Mortals, Invasors and Homages based on the SEv2 mold by Black Major Toys. My next gallery takes a look at another offering from the initial wave, the awesome new Python Patrol Python Invasor!

If you’ve followed Black Major, then you already know he likes to put a twist on figure offerings, by offering a figure in the same color pattern as another (for instance, a Tiger Force Starduster, or Red Shadows Ninja).

The Infiltrator shown here rocks an awesome Python Patrol deco and he fits right in to the subgroup.  I’ve put together a gallery of nearly 50 images for you to check out – That said, you know the drill: Pics below, commentary afterwards. Enjoy!


Under the direction of Cobra Commander, Invasor joins the ranks of the Python Patrol army, where their stealth technology paired with his lethal skills are a combination that G.I.Joe won’t ever want to face!

The Python Invasor sports an all black base, with gray, Green and Yellow Pythonized highlights.


Invasor’s Wolf is the most colorful of the initial assortment of 9, sporting a green base with yellow tiger stripes and blood red eyes. If he doesn’t just scream Battle Cat, I don’t know what does! The color pattern really pops off of him and makes him the perfect companion for the Python Invasor.

Invasor comes equipped with the same accessories as his Snake Eyes v2 predecessor – His Sword, Uzi and back pack, cast in a gorgeous bright red.

Collectors, as I’ve mentioned in other SEv2 reviews, please note – The Sword IS SHARP AND HAS A VERY POINTY EDGE. As such, I wouldn’t recommend that particular weapon for smaller children (and you be careful too, lol!)

Now, many who pick this figure up may note that the sword doesn’t exactly fit in the slots on the backpack. Well, no worries, you can do one of two things –

  1. Place the blade on it’s side (see pics above).
  2. Carefully shave off the excess in each slot.

A small nitpick, really, as the Sword being held in a different position allows us to look at the figure as completely different, embracing his new role as Cobra Operative.


I can’t recommend this figure enough, as it’s always awesome to add one more troop to Python Patrol Ranks. Want to add one to your collection? Then make sure to hit up Black Major on Instagram to add the Python Patrol Python Invasor and other offerings from this wave to your collection!

Black Major Toys 2019 Python Patrol Python Invasor - Surveillance Port (45).JPG

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